What is Interspread Plus?

InterSpread Plus is computer program designed to provide a framework for modelling the spread of infectious disease among animal (and human) populations (Stern, 2003).

The program is written in C++ (Stroustrup, 2000) and is compiled to run on the Microsoft Windows operating system. In the this version the user is able to specify model parameters via a graphic user interface. Once appropriate parameters have been defined they are passed to the C++ executable located on the same computer, or to copies of the C++ executable located on computers within a local area network. The later mode of operation is typically used when multiple models are to be run simultaneously.

What's new?

EpiSoft is pleased to announce that Edition 6.2 of InterSpread Plus has been released. This significant update reflects two years of work to fully integrate a within-farm model into InterSpread Plus.

New version Demo release on 2022-07-28 includes new features allowing modelling using Human Resources and new time trigger activation facilities, as well as many other improvements.

Since the Edition 6 was launched, InterSpread Plus has been used to analyze disease outbreaks across the world landscape. This launch signifies a significant step forward in making InterSpread Plus the most powerful and needed modelling tool for spread of infectious disease among animal (and human) populations.

With each new release, EpiSoft continues to add functionality to InterSpread Plus software, making it an extremely versatile tool capable of cumulative line graphs and box plots.

By distributing this software in a multitude of versions ( WFM, Pro and Demo ) EpiSoft continues to offer end users the ultimate tool.

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